“I want to share my passion and dedication with everyone out of nothing more than the spirit of brotherhood.” – Kyle R. Carter

Why are passion and dedication so important to me?

Passion and dedication are the motor of purpose. The passion is the spark and the dedication is the gasoline, together the two ignite our desires. To achieve maximum efficiency as a human being the two must be harmonious. Without passion, no matter how much gasoline is in your tank, the motor won’t start – Without dedication, no matter how many times you turn the key, the spark will not ignite.

What is brotherhood?

I believe that it is the most important aspect of human connectivity. All humans desire to feel needed in some way within some specific context. Brotherhood is the final ever-reaching circle of context in which we can all look each other in the eyes and exist together beyond a mere physical level. It is the all encompassing feeling that though you are a unique creature, you exist for a purpose amongst other beings that also have the right to be just as unique as you. This definition of brotherhood is therefor one of the uniting factors, rather than a divisive one, that make-up the understanding of our existence.

This is why I love to do what I do, this is why I am willing to accept the sacrifices necessary to achieve the goals I’ve set, and this is why no matter what the result I am happy with the choices I’ve made and am making in this pursuit. Thank you for sticking with and by me, and thank you to those who’ll join along the way. 🙂




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