Well well well… after an AWFUL day of travel on Wednesday and spending most of the day Thursday worrying about whether my mom’s basement was going to flood cuz our sump pump was clogged and in rained 8 inches… I’m finally in NEW YORK and chillin at Starbucks 45 minutes before my first rehearsal 🙂

So far so good, I met a bunch of the cast members yesterday and we all hung out and walked around getting to know eachother, and of course I had to make it as difficult as possible for myself by not going to drop my luggage off at the house I’m staying at. Yup, I walked all over the place with my bookbag, laptop bag, suitbag, and big ass suitcase, looking like a noob tourist the entire time. After watching me balance these things for about 10 blocks my cast mates insisted that they help me out… Good people, and good family already. I can already tell that I’m gonna have to be on top of my game every second because some of these people are frickin’ talented.

As for where I’m staying… AWESOME. The first thing that happened when I walked in the door, I was offered a Corona.. great way to start out the living situation. I’m staying with my mom’s coworker Sandra’s brother Felix and his friend Freddie’s family. They are DOMINICAN, and it’s going to be an ear adjustment for a little while as they speak English as fast as they speak Spanish and often times I can barely understand it, haha… it’s also sweet because I’m starting to remember a couple of spanish phrases from Senora Noller’s spanish classes back in high school. As the night continued on and the beers flowed, Fernando, their Peruvian friend ran up to his apartment… and returned with a talking parrot on his shoulder!!!… it was RIDICULOUS… the bird could MEOW on command, cat call at women, make human crying and coughing sounds, say hello and goodbye on command… astounding, never seen anything like it.

The cops are EVERYWHERE out here right now with heightened security for 9/11… so for this weekend make sure you don’t forget to take even just a second to pray for or at least acknowledge, if you’re not the prayin type, all of our brothers and sisters that died 10 years ago.

Time to go get a breakfast sandwich and get my mind right for rehearsal… oh and some of the cast members have already been talkin about doin some funny stuff on a video blog, so if that goes down, I’ll make sure to not deprive you of such videos, lol

Love, Kyle