This week has been ridiculous… we’re finally getting to the point where we’re no longer learning new choreography and actually getting a chance to go over things and pull them together. All of that is amazing, but then as we’re all sweaty and gasping for air, everyone under the sun from the original Broadway show is popping into the rehearsals. Quiara, the book writer, rolled in one day, as well as a buuuunch of people from the 1st national tour. It’s always awesome when they come in and still remember the choreo and just hop in on the rehearsals and show us just how unique the choreo has to look to in order to be the same quality as the original show that won the 2008 Tony Award for best musical.

What was particularly hilarious was when the man himself rolled through unannounced… yup, Lin-Manuel Miranda. So Dominic, one of the ensemble dancers/Benny understudy/my tour roommate was in the middle of a dance move where he was looking at the floor. When he looks up Lin is standing right in front of him. It was hilaaaarious, Dominic’s brain literally paused in a moment of shock and he missed like two seconds of the choreography, then his body remembered that he was dancing and like you pull a chain on a lawnmower, his head caught up with the rest of his body that was still moving, hahaha… i was so happy I just happened to be looking that direction when it happened. So on top of that, slowly but surely everyone noticed he was there, and all of the sudden every ounce of tiredness and sweat turned the next minute of singing and dancing into show quality effort. That’s how important this man is… everyone’s adrenaline kicked in and it made everyone perform even better. That’s how I know we’re gonna kill this show, once that show adrenaline kicks in everyone will be in the zone and killing it!!!

Today will be just as awe inspiring… the principals will get the rare opportunity to work with the original Broadway director Tommy Kail. So I’m locked and loaded with my lines and my blocking and ready to be putty in this creative expert’s hands!!! 🙂

On another topic, 4 of us went to see the musical Billy Elliott… I recommend it to anyone who gets an opportunity to come to NY and wants to see a show while they’re visiting. Long story short, it’s about an 11 year old boy who is stuck in a British mining town that is striking in efforts of getting better money and working conditions. The boy desires to be a ballet dancer, but obviously in a blue collar town it is looked down upon which is only exacerbated by the fact that the boys family and community is below the poverty line. The rest of it is about his journey to audition for the Royal Ballet School. The show is AWESOME with absolutely amazing set and sound design. The kid we saw was only 13 years old and I was in awe that a 13 year old could perform with such passion and intensity. The show is both heartbreaking and hilarious at the same time… the music is by Elton John, so you can expect that level of quality in the musical orchestration, and I reitorate, if you get a chance to see it… do!

Alright, rehearsal starts in 8 minutes and I need to stretch!!! Love you guys!!!