Heloooo!!! I’m chillin in Utica, NY right now watchin my roommate cut one of the other actors’ hair. This is our first day off since opening night and it is GLORIOUS. We got to the hotel today at 4pm and we don’t have to do a damn thing the rest of the day and I couldn’t be happier.

This first week has been wild and exhausting and our stage manager told us yesterday that she’s impressed with our stamina and patience… and we needed it. Day ONE at Penn State, they lost the orchestra’s music, so thanks to our amazing crew team, they ran out and printed new scores for the band like 3 hours before the show. Day TWO, our bus broke down on the side of the road and we had to wait for a new bus to pick us up for an hour in the middle of nowhere, and then upon reaching the theatre in York, we came to find that our sound engineer was in the hospital with a weird stomach virus!!! Other than that, we’ve had to continue to be flexible. We’re in a different theatre every day and the acoustics are different, the stages are different sizes, and the houses so far have been anywhere from like 500 to 4000 seat houses. Last night in West Point at the Eisenhower Theatre at the Army Academy, it was packed and I was told it was like a 3500 seat house. The craziest thing we’ve had to get accustomed to thus far tho, was in Indiana, PA at IUP, the stage was a full 6 feet less wide than our usual stage. The dances got preeeetty tight, and I definitely took a kick to the gut in the opening that I don’t think any one saw, so that’s good.

Everyone’s heading out to dinner right now, so I gotta run, but if I think of anything else interesting I’ll post it later!!

P.S., the fans of the show have been awesome thus far, everyone is so supportive… and it’s been amazing having so many friends and family come out to see me, it’s truly a blessing to have this much support in my career!!!

Love, Kyle