Alright… the past 5 days has been absolutely ridiculous and a complete blur… it took me a good 20 minutes to even remember everything I wanted to share. Let’s start back in Canada…

After Utica, NY, we went up to Kingston, Ontario in Canada. First of all, make sure you fill out all of your forms correctly when you travel to work in another country because one of our cast members didn’t… and he thusly could not travel with us, and we had to put one of the swings in for him. The theatre in Kingston was really small and really cool. The alleyway leading up to the theatre was COVERED in graffiti, so it got us all in a great mood since one of our main characters in the show is named Graffiti Pete. That night we performed for maaaaybe like 200 people, it reminded me of performing at Washington Hall at Notre Dame when I was with our student musical theatre group; very small and very intimate – I could feel people’s individual eyes on me, the audience was so close… Also, the night of the performance a performer got sick mid-show, and another of our swings had to take over. She was nervous as hell, but I tell you, she filled in perfectly and it was like nothing was wrong!

Next we came back to America and went to New London, CT… This was an OLD theatre, it looked like it had to have been built in like the 1920s by a Mexican-Morrocon person because it had Spanish Architecture with Northern African style art… interesting for sure. The crazy thing here was that the set took up every inch of the stage, so we had to re-stage a lot of things because there was no way to cross behind the set and get to stage right… once you got to stage right, you were trapped there until it was time to go back onstage. I really enjoyed it, actually, since it was fun to do the show with different blocking and see the set at new and unfamiliar angles.

Moving now to Brookville, NY… to the concert hall… not the best theatre venue ever. Having been a design major, I can tell you that this theatre was definitely designed to maximize the acoustics of instruments because the space was soooo open and vast that the vocal sound would leave the stage and get lost in the rafters and come back a few seconds later. It might have been the most difficult space to sing in that we’ve been to thus far. But we were SOLD OUT, and it was amazing to see a completely packed house while on the stage, so thank you to Long Island University for providing us that!!!… Speaking of the stage – it was extremely wide, but phenomenally shallow… I felt like we were going to fall off of it because so much of the show took place an inch from falling into the orchestra pit!!!… And it was another show where we had to be very creative actors, since a lot of the set couldn’t even fit into the building. It was another show where I got to see the show from new angles, since there were literally set pieces not even there, hahaha

And now, we’re at today’s show in Burlington, VT… AMAZING!!! The audience was the most engaged we’ve had thus far, they laughed at EVERYTHING, and I got to talk to some high school kids before the show for a press event and it was really cool to be the person that the students were looking up to. Their positive energy got me through the show, because I was sick as a dog today and not at 100%… but hopefully this Mucinex and a good night sleep will have me ready for tomorrow in Concord, NH

Nighty Night everyone!!!

Loev, Kyle