Goodness gracious!!!… This is the first moment I’ve had to myself to breath, relax and collect my thoughts since we got back to the tour on January 8th, and now that I have the sniffles I just drank a dose of Nyquil, so we’re going to see how much I recollect before I start getting drowsy, haha

Going back to the Chicago experience… we went “off to the races” “right out of the gate”, to colloquialize (yup, just made up my own word, don’t hate!) our week in Chi-town. Before we even had our first rehearsal back from break, we already had a TV appearance for WGN and had to change the choreography that we weren’t even sure we remembered, haha… all went well tho, despite the nerves and pressure of performing a condensed version of 96,000 for the WGN cameras. Two days later, Virginia (who plays Nina) and I had to perform the song “When You’re Home” for ABC News in Chicago, and that was the first time I’ve ever felt like a “Star”. We got a full size limo to pick us up and take us to the studio, we had a personal assistant meet us and take us to the green room and ask us if we wanted Starbucks or anything, we got someone to do our make-up for us… totally spoiled. As for our actual shows, the Oriental Theatre in Chicago is BEAUTIFUL and one of the most extravagant theatres we’ve been to trailing Utica’s amaaazing theatre and the purple heaven of a theatre we were in at Waterbury, CT (despite the fights and murders that took place in our two days there). Since Chicago is pretty much a mini-extension of Notre Dame, it was great to get to see and hang out with different friends throughout the week.

As quickly as we got accustomed to having a stable life in Chicago, it got thrown out the window with our first long travel day of the year to Erie, PA, waking up at 5 AM to make the 6 and a half hour drive… 5 AM is waaaaaaay too early for me, haha. I actually felt bad for our primarily 60-80 year old Erie crowd as our show was a bit raucus for their quiet taste, during “96,000” I saw an old lady in the front row holding her hands over her ears because the music was too loud, lol.

Funniest thing that happened on stage thus far… in Elmira, NY… my line at the end of the show is

“My uniform is on the counter, here’s the keys, we’re all squared away.”

yyyyyyeaaaa, my brain turned off, cuz I said

“My uniform is on the keys… (crap!!! did I really just say that?? is their any way i can play this off… nope)… well, here’s your keys, we’re all squared away.”… and then I got off the stage as fast as possible hahaha… oops

We just left Lexington, KY after a 5 show weekend, and it was definitely a pretty place and if you’re ever there, the cutest little italian man runs Giacomo’s deli on Limestone and he hooked us up for breakfast with some bangin French Toast, eggs, and bacon for an amazing price.

The Nyquil is startin to hit me like crazy now and my eyelids are gettin heavy (I got distracted and watched an episode of Mob Wives while I was typing, lol)… so I’m off to bed… I’ll be on the bus in the mornin on route to Pembroke, NC for a show at UNC-Pembroke 2moro night!


Love Kyle