Well ladies and gentleman, the tour has been over for a week now and I’m finally starting to wake up in the morning and remember that I don’t have a show to do, hahaha

In reflecting on the tour experience, I have to thank the University of Notre Dame with providing me every tool I’ve needed thus far in my short career to navigate the rough seas of the theater world. If you don’t know anything about Notre Dame, it’s a private-catholic-liberal arts university and when speaking to all my freinds that went to other schools; it is a truly unique experience. It’s a school that takes extreme pride in its dedication to Catholicism, but allows you complete freedom in shaping your educational experience. If you never want to see the inside of a church at Notre Dame, or take a class with a priest or nun, you don’t have to. If you want your experience to further your understanding of the Catholic faith and want to immerse yourself in its history, you’ve also chose the right place. And if you’re like me and want to learn about every possible thing you can, they support you too, and because of that I’ve never found myself in a position where lack of experience puts me at a disadvantage. It is in fact an advantage for me because my education showed me how to apply the principles of every other industry to what I’m doing now, and it makes me look more intelligent and I comprehend challenges faster than my competition. That right there, is quite a valuable asset to have.

Enough of promoting Notre Dame (but seriously, if you have a teenager, truly have them consider applying to Notre Dame, and if they get a scholarship, then hell you’ve saved money anyway)… Now, I want you to choose your favorite reality TV show and then combine it with your workplace, and come up with the craziest possible TV show hilarity combination, and I’m not exaggerating… we went through it.

Power outages – check… broken down in the middle of nowhere – check… so lost you in the middle of Texas that you end up at George H.W. Bush’s future resting place in the woods – check… broken relationships – check… poor management decisions from your boss – definitely check… hirings, firings, quittings, cheating, leaving in the middle of the show, cat fights, crying, being so loud you’re asked to leave, considering going on strike, complaining, rejoicing, grand theft, and even murder and mayhem (remember the time our crew got stuck because some one was murdered outside the stage door, cuz I do!!!)

Through all of it, I can gladly and happily say that it was quite a hilarious journey and for all the negative things that happened I got to watch them from the sidelines. My greatest sin on tour was offending someone and that person filing an unsubstantiated claim against me considering their wiiild behavior towards me on prior occasions; but it even that was forgiven on both sides, learned from, and just a case of tour “cabin fever”.

It was quite amazing and utterly disappointing to watch some people paint themselves with targets and then let the arrows fly, and you’d love to think age and naivete were the causes but everyone was 21+. Remember, it’s far easier to remember when someone was a fool, than when someone did their due diligence. That’s why it’s far harder to be exceptional than it is to be mediocre, because the work to becoming recognized as exceptional is often thankless and over-looked until you magically get “There”.

And I only need one sentence to express this statement… Being in a relationship with someone on a tour, is REALLY hard!!!… There are no boundaries, no places to hide, nowhere to go and vent. I’m happy that my relationship survived, but it was by sheer will power between the two of us.

As for the future, I’ve already had two auditions (I was sooo close to being Curtis on the Dreamgirls tour, but they decided they want someone older looking than me) and two job interviews in this week off, so the hard work will continue… I’m not one to take breaks, lol. Stay on this ride with me, and we’ll see what the next set of crazy things to learn are… I’m anxiously excited, hahaha

Adios Amigos!!!