I could not agree with this statement more. The deeper and deeper I get in to my growth as an actor I realize that “success” to me doesn’t involve recognition on a large scale – but significance does. I want my legacy to be as a leader who chose performing as a profession as opposed to a performer who occasionally led people. I see so many successfully broken people in the entertainment industries as I continue on my journey, but to me the people I consistently find myself interested in are the people who don’t milk success for it’s egotistical/economical rewards but rather find a significant purpose with which to direct success. I want to be one of those people – all of you out there, continue to hold me accountable to that goal and I will continue to make it my number one priority.

This little nugget of thought I had today is brought to you by one of my favorite people these days, Russell Wilson. Enjoy this video and this is the mentality I take towards my career; and anyone can in whatever career they participate in. Every day, no matter your level of expertise, you HAVE to actively uncover knowledge that continues your growth.