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Random Man and 100th Show

Ok, so 1 – I have such amazing family and friends. In York, PA a bunch of my dad’s side family came and a slew of family and friends, throughout the tour I’ve had soooo many Notre Dame and Virginia friends and their families come to support, and then last week, a whoooooole bunch of my mom’s side family came to Sioux Falls, SD. It was amazing to have that much support in one room!

And then there was the funniest thing that has ever happened to me on stage before… The second to last scene in the show, right before my last song in the show, is a pretty serious scene. My character makes a huge step by standing up to Nina’s dad and making sure he knows that I’m a man and I shouldn’t be taken for granted… I make my stand, begin to walk away, turn around for my last epic statement, “I had your back Kevin…” — random man walks directly on to the stage, downstage right, walks through both me and Benjamin’s (the Dad) sight line, walks around the speaker tower on the stage and jumps off the stage and walks out of the theatre… I am frozen and can’t even believe what I just saw, where did he come from, who is this idiot, how did nobody see him, what was he thinking – oh, shit, I have one more line, turn back on brain, turn back on – “… now I’ve got my own!” (whew) aaand exit upstage left. This man, literally walked through the second quietest scene in the show.

Turns out it was the chef of the catering company hired by the theatre for the dinner being provided to both us and patrons of the theatre. Apparently he was lost, and figured no one would see him if he walked on to the stage to find his way out???… Yea, complete idiot, soooo many other smart ways to get out of that situation…

Shout out to both the University of Nebraska and University of Arkansas… these audiences have been absolutely amazing and refreshing. Considering we’re hitting our 100th show tonight, it helps keep any complacency from setting in when you can tell that the theatre-goers are still understanding and enjoying the show, despite the fact that sometimes you might be tired and sick.

Bye every one, love