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We Fell In Love In A Hopeless Place

So this blog’s title refers to the Rihanna song as it has become the theme song for our tour group of friends. Literally every where we go, it is always playing, and one random day in the guys dressing room we had an impromptu a capella rave to it. Basically, one person was randomly playing a beat on the counter, then another joined in with a matching beatbox, then I started humming the notes to the build up of the song, and then every one joined in at the crazy club part, and right then another person ran over to the light switch and started the strobe light… it was hilarious and awesome!

Since the last time I wrote, we had an AMAZING two weeks in Dallas, TX. The Winspear Opera House in Dallas is an amazing venue and if you ever get the chance to see a show there, I recommend it. I had the opportunity to go out to a couple of the local public schools to talk to students about the show and answer questions and loved every second of it. It was very inspiring to go to the same types of over crowded public schools we have in the DC area, and talk to classes about how I grew up and the challenges my family and friends have overcome together for me to be where I am today. I could tell just how grateful the students were to see us (me, Virginia, and Dom went as a group) at their school and sharing how their hard work and struggle in school will pay off for them, as it has all of us. Aaaaaaaand, on my day off my cousin let me borrow her car, so we went to Cowboys Stadium. I will tell you right now… it is the most extravagant place (not just stadium) I have been to in the United States, it is a football mansion. World Records it possesses – the world’s longest spanning arches (1/4 mile long), the worlds largest domed stadium, the world’s largest HD TV, and the most HD TVs in one structure (32,000)… The crazy huge HD TV jumbo tron weighs 700 tons, and made the 1/4 mile long steel arches bend 3 inches when they hung it (P.S. – the steel was purchased out of Luxembourg, so as to not have an ounce of Pittsburgh steel on the premises). I found out it costs $200,000 to put a 20 year lease down on one of the 92 suites in the stadium and over 75 of them have already been booked, so Jerry Jones – save me a spot!!!!

Ok, enough about the greatest football team ever (hahaha, directed at all of my Redskins friends)… next stop was College Station, TX, aka Texas A&M… it was gorgeous, if you have a kid looking to get into a state school, I recommend it. Campus was huge and gorgeous and the spring time weather was amazing… so amazing that I went for a run, got completely lost, ended up running/walking 10 miles before I found my way back and loved every exhausting minute of it!!!

Then we got a wonderful 2 days off (a blessing because my voice was starting to get tired, lol) and flew out to sunny California for our last 5 shows in Palm Desert, CA… This week off from the tour has been wonderful. Getting an opportunity to sit down and relax, clear the mind, rest the voice, get some non-tour work done… but now it’s time to get back, leaving at 6am tomorrow for Seattle and then it’s right back to a 10 show week through Washington state.

Adios Amigos!!!


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Kyle Carter: From Woodbridge, VA to Washington Heights in “In the Heights”

by Joel Markowitz – April 4, 2012. Washington DC

“Since In the Heights is one of my all-time favorite musicals, and because I always enjoy interviewing young actors, I spoke to Grace about her talented son and then started ‘Googling’ and learned that Kyle is indeed a wonderful actor and singer who has a great story to tell. Here’s my interview with the very confident and excited and very appreciative Kyle Carter.”

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