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Great Week!


This week has been ridiculous… we’re finally getting to the point where we’re no longer learning new choreography and actually getting a chance to go over things and pull them together. All of that is amazing, but then as we’re all sweaty and gasping for air, everyone under the sun from the original Broadway show is popping into the rehearsals. Quiara, the book writer, rolled in one day, as well as a buuuunch of people from the 1st national tour. It’s always awesome when they come in and still remember the choreo and just hop in on the rehearsals and show us just how unique the choreo has to look to in order to be the same quality as the original show that won the 2008 Tony Award for best musical.
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“In The Heights” 2nd National Tour in Rehearsals

by Juan-Jose Gonzalez – September 22, 2011

Exciting, passionate and historical. That’s how Michael Balderrama, resident director and choreographer of In The Heights, has described the cast for the Second National Tour of the musical, who started rehearsals in New York last September 12th. A brand new cast has been gathered to bring the award-winning show across the States. “All of them are fresh, from top to bottom, there’s no one who has been on the show before,” Balderrama explains. “They’re young, passionate and excited about being part of ‘In The Heights’. All of them are people who are just inspired by the show”
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Week One

Woooooow… I was not ready for the work out these rehearsals are. Thank goodness for this day off, or I think my quads and back would stop working, lol. So far so good tho, we’ve completely choreographed the opening number and are almost done with 96,000. The coolest thing about this choreography is it’s a great combination of real dance and exaggerated every day movement, so you’re moving almost thematically instead of musically, and yea that’s the best way I can describe it. There is one combination that I just cannot get yet, I’m still workin on it, but the dance rhythms do not line up with the words I’m singing at all, and it is just kickin my ass… but like all challenges, I will complete it lol

We had our first full read/sing through of the show on friday and it was just absolutely amazing. Everyone is already pouring their characters into everything, so there were tears and laughs and happiness and sadness pumping through. By the end of the run we were all so amped that the studio front desk people had to walk over and remind us that we didn’t own the whole studio and that other people were also rehearsing. At that point in time, I could’ve cared less. If it were up to me, we would’ve walked into all the other rooms and completely ended their rehearsals so they could hear us sing… it was thaaat good. And that’s only after a week. A bunch of us went out for drinks and food right after, and we were still so amped that we pulled the classic and utterly annoying for any one who isn’t a musical theatre person move of singing songs from the show at the table in the middle of TGI Fridays… the way I see it, they got a free preview, so they should be happy about it, lol… if you can’t tell I am still crazy amped from yesterday :-)… And the official tour website is up now too, it doesn’t have all the dates on it, so keep referring to my tour date list on this website for the correct tour dates and locations, but it looks awesome

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First two rehearsals :-)

Hey everyone!!!

I’m sitting in a rehearsal room right now listening to my buddy Robert Ramirez, who will be playing Sonny in the show, play the song Breathe on the piano to help one of the other cast members work on his ensemble notes. When I said a few of these people were talented the other day, I take that back… everyone is frickin awesome. In our first day of rehearsal our producer made sure to make it a point that we all throw the term “non-equity” out the window because they are putting SERIOUS money behind this show and will be ensuring that we hold the same standard that both the broadway and first national tour had. What made it even more of a compliment to us all was when Alex Lacamoire, aka Tony award winning orchestrator, looked at us and said that they literally traveled all over the country for over two months to find the BEST possible performers and orchestra… It gave me goosebumps and made me appreciate my own hard work for the first time since booking the gig… I put that moment of proudness aside, cuz it was time to get to work!!!
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I’m in Nueva York!!

Well well well… after an AWFUL day of travel on Wednesday and spending most of the day Thursday worrying about whether my mom’s basement was going to flood cuz our sump pump was clogged and in rained 8 inches… I’m finally in NEW YORK and chillin at Starbucks 45 minutes before my first rehearsal 🙂

So far so good, I met a bunch of the cast members yesterday and we all hung out and walked around getting to know eachother, and of course I had to make it as difficult as possible for myself by not going to drop my luggage off at the house I’m staying at. Yup, I walked all over the place with my bookbag, laptop bag, suitbag, and big ass suitcase, looking like a noob tourist the entire time. After watching me balance these things for about 10 blocks my cast mates insisted that they help me out… Good people, and good family already. I can already tell that I’m gonna have to be on top of my game every second because some of these people are frickin’ talented.
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